Custom Data Feeds Troubleshooting

This is a non-comprehensive list of some commonly encountered issues. When you encouter an error while using Custom Data Feeds on ArcGIS Server, the first step is to check the CDF log files that are located at: ArcGIS/Server/framework/runtime/customdata/logs.

Issue: Custom Data Providers Are Not Listed in ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory

cdf arcgis server 500 error Suggestions:

  1. Make sure that the CDF runtime has been installed. CDF runtime is not automatically installed with ArcGIS Server.
  2. Verify that Node.js is running on port 6483.

Issue: Custom Data Provider Update Error

cdf arcgis server update provider error Suggestions:

  1. Make sure that your custom data provider code used the same provider name. The update process looks for a previously registered provider name that matches the name of the provider in the new .cdpk.

Issue: Node Server Failed to Start

cdf arcgis server node failed to start Suggestions:

  1. Ensure that all required packages are installed at the custom data provider level. You may have a package globally installed on your development machine allowing your custom data app to work correctly in development. The machine that ArcGIS Server is installed on may not have that package installed globally, and therefore cannot start the Node.js server.
  2. Check that you are running the same version of Node.js on your development environment as the version running on ArcGIS Server. Some versions have native functionality that others do not, and your app may be using native functionality where other versions of Node.js require a package installation. For example, the Fetch API is included with Node.js v18 and higher.
  3. Ensure that you have not installed any packages at the "app level" or modified the package.json file at the app level. All packages you need for your custom data provider should be installed at the "provider level" directory.

Issue: Custom Data Feeds cdf Command Not Found in Command Prompt


  1. Make sure that you installed a supported version of Node.js (preferably v18.17.0) either directly with the available binaries on the Node.js website or via NVM (Linux) or NVM for Windows (Windows). When installing the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, a utility checks your machine for a supported version of Node.js. If the installer prompt warns that a supported version of Node.js is not found, cancel the installation, and install Node.js first.
  2. Node.js should always be installed before the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK is installed. Uninstall ArcGIS Enterprise SDK from your development machine, and install Node.js. Then reinstall ArcGIS Enterprise SDK.
  3. If this issue arises in a Linux envionrment, it may be because the user who installed Node.js was not the user who installed CDF CLI tool. Ensure that the same user installs both Node.js and the CDF CLI.
  4. Manually run activate_cdf.bat if in Windows or if in Linux. The script is found at: /arcgis/enterprisesdk/customdatacli

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