Unregister a Custom Data Provider

The steps outlined here are for completely removing a registered custom data provider from ArcGIS Server. Note that if you unregister a custom data provider, you will need to delete your Feature Service that uses it. If you wish to only modify your custom data provider and keep the Feature Service intact, see Update Custom Data Provider.

Complete the following steps to unregister your custom data provider.

  1. In a web browser, navigate to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory, and sign in as an administrator. Click services > types > customdataproviders.

  2. On the Registered Customdata Providers page, click unregister and type the name of the .cdpk file into the Name of the customdata provider file: field.

    cdf arcgis server unregister provider cdf arcgis server unregister provider click
  3. Click the Unregister button.

  4. Browse back to the Home directory of the AcGIS Server Administrator Directory, and click services. Select the service from the list of Services: that uses the custom data provider that you just unregistered. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click delete.

    cdf arcgis server delete service 1 cdf arcgis server delete service 2
  5. Click the Delete button.


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