Install and Configure ArcGIS Server Custom Data Feeds

The following steps will guide you through the ArcGIS Server Custom Data Feeds installation and configuration process.

  1. Install ArcGIS Server, and create an ArcGIS Server site on your server machine.

  2. Install the same version of ArcGIS Server Custom Data Feeds Runtime as the version ArcGIS Server on your server machine. If there are multiple machines in your ArcGIS Server site, then the ArcGIS Server Data Feeds Runtime must be installed on each machine.

  3. Install Node.js runtime and the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK on the machine where you will do your development. The supported minimum and maximum versions of Node.js are 16.19.1 and 18.17.0. This development machine does not need to have ArcGIS Server installed.

    It is highly recommend that your development machine and server machine are running the same operating system and the same version of Node.js. ArcGIS Server 11.2 currently ships with Node.js v18.17.0.

    See these considerations if you are using ArcGIS Server 11.1:

    CDF Command Line Toolv16.19.1If you are already using a higher version of Node.js on your development machine, consider using NVM (Linux) or NVM for Windows
    ArcGIS Serverv16.19.1ArcGIS Server 11.1 ships with Node.js v16.19.1
  4. Open a command prompt on your development machine, and run the command: cdf -h. The following output should appear:

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    Usage : cdf <command> [options]

      cdf createapp <name>       creates a new custom data app
      cdf createprovider <name>  creates a new custom data provider
      cdf listproviders          lists a custom data providers registered with custom data app
      cdf export <name>          exports specified custom data provider into cdpk
      cdf deleteprovider <name>  deletes specified custom data provider

      -h, --help     Show help                                                                 [boolean]
      -v, --version  Show version number                                                       [boolean]

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