Develop SOEs with REST and SOAP support

If you would like to create an SOE that supports both REST and SOAP functions, it's recommended that you start creating the project from rest-soap-soe-archetype. This archetype is identified by the following properties:

  • GroupId: com.esri.arcgis.enterprise.sdk
  • ArtifactId: rest-soap-soe-archetype
  • Version: 10.9.1 (use 10.9.0 for 10.9 SDK and 10.8.1 for 10.8.1 SDK)

The process for creating an SOE project using rest-soap-soe-archetype is similar to using soap-soe-archetype, and you can follow the instructions for SOAP SOEs as a reference and replace soap-soe-archetype with rest-soap-soe-archetype in your steps:

Note: It's recommended that you do not create an SOE that supports both REST and SOAP functions using rest-soe-archetype and then implementing the SOAP interface, as the rest-soe-archetype does not contain the required plugins and dependencies, and manually adding them is likely to cause errors.

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