What's new in 11.2

Support for 64 bit OID usage in MapServer

Starting with ArcGIS Enterprise SDK 11.2, Query/Find/Identify/RelatedRecords methods to support 64-bit properties. For example, in IMapServerEx interface additional methods are added such as queryRasterValueEx, queryRowCountEx, queryRowIDsEx etc.

Support for Java-based server object extensions (SOEs) on map services published in ArcGIS Enterprise deployed on Kubernetes environment

Deploy the Java-based server object extenions developed using ArcGIS Enterprise SDK 11.2 into ArcGIS Enterprise configured in Kubernetes environment using ArcGIS Enterprise manager. Enabling the extension on map service is only possible via ArcGIS Pro while publishing new map service. Steps for creating the Java-based extensions (SOEs and SOIs) are same for both ArcGIS Enterprise target environments (Windows/Linux and Kubernetes).

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