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The FeatureLayerView provides access to a layer's features that are displayed in the view. This sample uses the whenLayerView() method to get the FeatureLayer's layer view once it's created.

view.whenLayerView(featureLayer).then(function(layerView) {
  // do something with the layerView

Once the layer view is available, you need to set up a watch on the updating property of the layer view. You must wait for all the features to finish updating in the view before performing a query."updating", function(value) {
  if (!value) {
    // wait for the layer view to finish updating

    // get all the features available for drawing.
        geometry: view.extent,
        returnGeometry: true
      .then(function(results) {
        // do something with the resulting graphics
        graphics = results.features;

Once you gain access to the graphics available to the layer view, you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as creating drop down menus, or lists, as this sample does. Once a list is created you can listen for click events on each list node and open a popup at the location of the feature when the corresponding node is clicked.{
  features: [result],
  location: result.geometry.centroid

While the popup is typically used with a feature layer, you can also display the popup in response to a query or some other action that does not involve a graphic or a feature. For example, you can display a popup on the view when user clicks on a table row, or a list. The resulting popup in this sample is displayed at the center of a zip code polygon and its content and title will be populated from the features parameter.

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