Query Related Features

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This sample demonstrates how to query related features from a FeatureLayer by using the queryRelatedFeatures() method. Each hexagon on the map represents one or more major cities in the U.S. Clicking on a hexagon will trigger a query for its related features, which will be displayed in a table added to the view's UI.

How it works

A function calls queryObjectIds() whenever the user clicks on the map, which returns the objectId of the corresponding hexagon in the layer.

  geometry: point,
  spatialRelationship: "intersects",
  returnGeometry: false,
  outFields: ["*"]

We highlight the hexagon, then use the queryRelatedFeatures() method to query for the related features attached to this object id.

return layer.queryRelatedFeatures({
  outFields: ["NAME", "SUM_POPULATION"],
  relationshipId: layer.relationships[0].id,
  objectIds: objectIds

We get the attributes from the resulting FeatureSet and create a dgrid component that can hold the resulting data.

  // get the attributes of the FeatureSet
  const rows = relatedFeatureSet.features.map(function(feature) {
    return feature.attributes;
  if (!rows.length) { return; }

  // create a new div for the grid of related features
  // append to queryResults div inside of the Feature widget
  const gridDiv = document.createElement("div")
  const results = document.getElementById("queryResults");

  // destroy current grid if exists
  if (grid) {
  // create the grid to hold the results of the query
  grid = new Grid({
    columns: Object.keys(rows[0]).map(function(fieldName) {
      return {
        label: fieldName,
        field: fieldName,
        sortable: true
  }, gridDiv);
  // add the data to the grid