FeatureTable widget

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This sample demonstrates how to add a FeatureTable widget to your application. The FeatureTable widget allows users to view and sort data and attributes from a FeatureLayer. In this specific example, the table is displayed as a standalone table without any associated map. It is possible to also add the table with an associated map, please refer to the FeatureTable widget using a map sample.

const table = new FeatureTable({
  layer: featureLayer,
  visibleElements: {selectionColumn: false}, // hide the selection column since we are not working with a corresponding map
  // autocastable to FieldColumnConfig
  // The fieldColumnConfigs are used to determine which attributes are shown in the table
  // If the fieldColumnConfigs are not set, all attributes will be shown
  fieldConfigs: [
      name: "FID",
      label: "ID",
      // This field will not be shown in the table initially
      visible: false
      name: "NAME",
      label: "School Name",
      // The table will be sorted by this column
      // in ascending order
      direction: "asc"
      name: "TOT_ENROLL",
      label: "Enrollment"
  container: "tableDiv"

Known Limitations

The FeatureTable is still in Beta and new capabilities will be added in upcoming releases. For a more comprehensive list of limitations, please refer to the widget's API Reference documentation.