Histogram widget

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This sample visualizes cities in Mexico by population and demonstrates how to visualize the distribution of the data using a Histogram widget.

The histogram can be generated with the histogram() statistics function, then constructed with the fromHistogramResult() convenience method.

const params = {
  layer: layer,
  field: "pobtot",
  numBins: 30

const histogramResult = await histogram(params);

// Creates a Histogram instance from the returned histogram result
const histogramWidget = Histogram.fromHistogramResult(
histogramWidget.container = "histogram";

You can also specify a normalizationType to normalize skewed histograms. For example, a histogram representing a total count, such as population, will typically be skewed to the right.


Normalizing the data by natural-log may help you work with and understand the data better.


The Histogram widget is also used in the smart mapping slider widgets. All the options available on a standalone histogram can also be set in the sliders. See the related samples below for more examples.