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Header: #include <ExpressionTypes.h>


enum class ArcadeExpressionReturnType { Automatic, Number, String, Dictionary }

Detailed Description

Type Documentation

enum class ArcadeExpressionReturnType

The expected type of the result calculated by an expression described within an ArcadeExpression.

The ArcadeExpressionReturnType can be one of:

ArcadeExpressionReturnType::Automatic0The return type of the expression will be automatically determined based on the script calculation. The return type is determined by the return value of the script. Different paths through the script might result in different result types. For example, depending on input values, it might return a number, a string, a date or an array.
ArcadeExpressionReturnType::Number1The return type is expected to be a floating-point number.
ArcadeExpressionReturnType::String2The return type is expected to be a string.
ArcadeExpressionReturnType::Dictionary3The return type is expected to be a dictionary of key/value pairs.

This enum was introduced or modified in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 100.11.

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