<RealTimeTypes.h> - RealTime Enums

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Header: #include <RealTimeTypes.h>


enum class ConnectionStatus { Disconnected, Connecting, Connected, Failed }
enum class DynamicEntityDataSourceType { ArcGISStreamService, DynamicEntityDataSource }

Detailed Description

Type Documentation

[since Esri::ArcGISRuntime 200.1] enum class ConnectionStatus

An enumeration of the various status values for a connection.

This describes the status of an object that attempts to maintain a persistent connection.

The ConnectionStatus can be one of:

ConnectionStatus::Disconnected0The connection is not open. This is the initial state of the connection.
ConnectionStatus::Connecting1A connection with the remote endpoint has been initiated but is not yet complete.
ConnectionStatus::Connected2The connection is open. This is the initial state after the handshake has been completed.
ConnectionStatus::Failed3The connection has failed.

This enum was introduced or modified in Esri::ArcGISRuntime 200.1.

See also Esri::ArcGISRuntime::DynamicEntityDataSource.

enum class DynamicEntityDataSourceType

The type of DynamicEntityDataSource.

The DynamicEntityDataSourceType can be one of:

DynamicEntityDataSourceType::ArcGISStreamService0An ArcGIS stream service.
DynamicEntityDataSourceType::DynamicEntityDataSource1A custom dynamic entity data source.

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