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The GeoEnrichment service contains datasets which are specific to a single country or area. Each country has a unique, two-character abbreviation that acts as an ID that is passed in the sourceCountry parameter of the GeoEnrichment service. The ID returned from the countries discovery method can be used to help query information about the country.

Return a list of available reports for the United States.

Return a list of data collections for the United States.

In addition to the country ID, each country has metadata which can be helpful when using the GeoEnrichment service or in analyzing the results. The information returned consists of country name, abbr3 (three-character country abbreviation), altname, continent, distanceUnits, defaultExtent, a list of datasets and hierarchies, geography levels, default report and data collection, and the countries' currency symbol.

Return a list of information for all countries.

Return a list of all information for Spain.