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Standard geography levels

The GetStandardGeographyLevels service returns a list of available geography data layers. The result of this service is the BAIDNamePairs array which will contain the data layer IDs and their corresponding names. These IDs can be used to specify data layers in other analyses.

Some applications of Standard geography levels include the following:

  • Consume the output Standard geography levels in a dynamically-bound grid or option list dialog to allow users to scroll through the geography data layer options.
  • Review the available geography data layers prior to designing a Web services-based application leveraging the GeoEnrichment service.

Standard geography query

Once the level of geography has been identified for an analysis, the GeoEnrichment service is able to search within the geography level for specific features.

Best practices: How to query standard geography branches

The GeoEnrichment team has posted a document outlining the best approach to querying standard geography levels from the GeoEnrichment service in ArcGIS Online from a user-created application.