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Object: esri/dijit/util/busyIndicator

require(["esri/dijit/util/busyIndicator"], function(busyIndicator) { /* code goes here */ });


(Added at v3.13)
This module provides the ability to create a busy indicator for a target.


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NameReturn typeSummary
create(target, params?)ObjectCreates a busy indicator on a target.
Method Details

create(target, params?)

Creates a busy indicator on a target. If specifying the target, then the params Object is optional. If the target if not included, then the params Object is required, and the params target must be specified. See the Object Specifications table below for the structure of the returned object handle.
Return type: Object
<String | HTMLElement | _WidgetBase> target Required The String (Node id, dijit/_WidgetBase id), HTMLElement reference (Node), or dijit/_WidgetBase. The target parameter is required unless specified in the params object.
<Object> params Optional (Optional) The params options can be used when needing more fine-grained control. See the Object Specifications table below for the structure of the params object.
Object Specifications:
<String> backgroundColor Required Hex color of the background. Default is #ffffff.
<Number> backgroundOpacity Required Background opacity. Default is 0.75.
<Number> fadeDuration Required Time, in milliseconds, that the fade in/out should take. Default is 200 milliseconds.
<String> imageUrl Required URL of the image to center in the overlay. Default is "loading-throb.gif".
<String | HTMLElement | _WidgetBase> target Required See the target parameter description for details.
<String> zIndex Required S-index for the indicator's overlay. Default is "auto", which will try to place the overlay at the top-most level.
<method> destroy() Required Destroys the control handle.
<method> hide() Required Hide the busy indicator from the control handle.
<method> show() Required Show the busy indicator from the control handle.
   "esri/dijit/util/busyIndicator", ... 
], function(busyIndicator, ... ) {

var handle = busyIndicator.create("targetNodeId");
var handle = busyIndicator.create(targetNode);
var handle = busyIndicator.create("targetWidgetId");
var handle = busyIndicator.create(targetWidget);

var handle = busyIndicator.create({
  target: targetNode,
  imageUrl: "path/to/some/image",
  fadeDuration: 200
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