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Object: esri/plugins/spatialIndex

require(["esri/plugins/spatialIndex"], function(spatialIndex) { /* code goes here */ });


(Added at v3.9)
A static utility module that adds or removes a SpatialIndex instance on a Map or FeatureLayer. Can be included in those classes as a constructor option or through the addPlugin method on those classes.


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NameReturn typeSummary
add(target, options?)NoneAdds an index property to the target instance.
remove()NoneRemoves the index plugin.
Method Details

add(target, options?)

Adds an index property to the target instance.
<Map | FeatureLayer> target Required The map or feature layer to which the index is connected.
<Object> options Optional See the object specifications table below for the structure of the index options object.
Object Specifications:
<Boolean> drawFeatures Optional Whether the processor allow the feature layer to draw its features. Default is true.
<String> indexType Optional The indexing system to use. One of "rtree", "kdtree", "quadtree". "kdtree" is only used for points. Default is "rtree".
<Boolean> passFeatures Optional Whether the processor pass the features through without modification or delay to the FeatureLayer. Default is true.
<SpatialIndex> spatialIndex Required A SpatialIndex processing instance to use rather than creating a new one.


Removes the index plugin.