Introduction - components (beta)

ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript components (beta) is a component library comprising of a collection of pre-built UI components for building web apps with minimal code. The component library is available as a feature of the JavaScript Maps SDK, our foundational SDK for building geospatial mapping software on the web.

Built as standards-based web components, they extend the JavaScript Maps SDK core API into reusable custom HTML elements, such as <arcgis-map />. The components are available on the ArcGIS CDN and npm. They are also designed to be JavaScript framework agnostic, so you can use them in applications built with vanilla JavaScript or with most frameworks and module bundlers.

With the current beta release, there are three component packages: map, charts and coding components.

Map components

The @arcgis/map-components package contains the map component, the scene component, and many components with functionality equivalent to existing widgets in the JavaScript Maps SDK.

These components are an alternative option for quickly building mapping apps when integrating with frameworks. Here is a code snippet example:

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<arcgis-map item-id="05e015c5f0314db9a487a9b46cb37eca" />
Map component sample

Charts components

The @arcgis/charts-components package contains a series of components that can be used to build charts in your ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript applications. When used alongside maps, they can provide a complete data visualization story of your data. Currently, eight different types of chart components are available. Each chart component can be rendered by referring to a JSON object that follows a common chart specification, which contains the configuration for the chart. The @arcgis/charts-model package can be used to ease the creation and updating of that chart's configuration.

ArcGIS Maps SDK chart components

Coding components

The @arcgis/coding-components package will eventually contain a wide range of tools, resources, code editors and utilities that support coding. Currently, only the Arcade editor component is supported, which allows the end user to create Arcade expressions that drive aspects of your map or app within your solution. They will have the same experience editing their Arcade expressions as they do in Map Viewer and the Arcade playground.

ArcGIS Maps SDK coding components


To learn more about the ArcGIS Maps SDK components, check out the following resources:

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