Find blog posts, forum threads, documentation, videos, and tweets from the Esri community.

  • GeoNet - the Esri Community where users and Esri staff collaborate to solve API and app-level issues.
  • Esri YouTube channel - Channel containing demos from Esri conferences, chats with Esri developers, and interviews with users.
  • ArcGIS YouTube channel - Channel containing demos of various components of the ArcGIS platform.
  • Esri technical support - Report API bugs to technical support.
  • Esri Training - Search for javascript to view free and paid training resources for improving your JavaScript skills.
  • Pluralsight - Check out the Intro to GIS for Developers class on Pluralsight, designed for beginners in GIS and web development.
  • GIS Stack Exchange - Find answers to questions related to cartography and geography posted by fellow GIS professionals.
  • Stack Overflow - Collaborative forum where you can find questions and answers related to all-things JavaScript.
  • The Spatial Community - Join the arcgis-web Slack channel to ask GIS questions, offer support to others, or just have a casual conversation with fellow geospatial professionals using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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