Filter BuildingSceneLayer with BuildingExplorer

In this sample we load a building with detailed interior information from a BIM project. The building was published as a BuildingSceneLayer from a Revit project using ArcGIS Pro.

A BuildingSceneLayer contains complex digital models of buildings and interiors. Because of the high complexity, it's important to be able to filter the data. This sample shows how to filter components in a BuildingSceneLayer using the BuildingExplorer widget.

The BuildingExplorer widget can be instantiated by passing in one or multiple BuildingSceneLayers and a SceneView:

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const buildingExplorer = new BuildingExplorer({
  view: view,
  layers: [bslLayer]
view.ui.add(buildingExplorer, "top-right");

Another way to explore components in a BuildingSceneLayer is by using the Slice widget. See the BuildingSceneLayer with Slice widget sample to understand how it works.

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