Sketch in 3D

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This sample demonstrates how to create graphics with 3D symbols and how to update these graphics using SketchViewModel in a SceneView.


For example, a symbol with ExtrudeSymbol3DLayer is used for drawing extruded building footprints:

const sketchVM = new SketchViewModel({
  layer: gLayer,
  view: view,
  polygonSymbol: {
    type: "polygon-3d",
    symbolLayers: [{
      type: "extrude",
      size: 10, // extrude by 10 meters
      material: {
        color: white
      edges: {
        type: "solid",
        size: "3px",
        color: [82, 82, 122, 0.8]
  defaultCreateOptions: { hasZ: false }

To activate the sketch mode you can call the create() method on the SketchViewModel with the geometry type that should be created:

button.addEventListener("click", function(event) {


Version 4.18 introduced self snapping as a feature in beta. Snapping can be enabled either by setting the snappingOptions property in SketchViewModel or by pressing the CTRL key. When modifying a geometry with snapping, use the top down view for the best user experience.