Line of sight

Determine if the line of sight is obstructed by any object in the scene.

Image of line of sight

How it works

  1. Ensure the box for Enable Mesh Colliders on the ArcGIS Map View component of ArcGIS Map Actor is checked.
  2. Add a Line of Sight and a Way Points actor to the scene and place them at the desired locations.
  3. Modify the Path Spline component of the Way Points actor to define the path that the target object is moving along.
  4. The Line of Sight actor looks for an instance of Path Splnie at Begin Play and performs a line trace between them at each frame.
  5. Any actors that unintentionally interfere with the trace can be added to the Actors to Ignore argument of the line trace in the Line of Sight blueprint.
  6. The visual cue for the line of sight changes its color depending on whether the line trace hits the target object or not.

About the data

Building models for New York are loaded from a 3D object scene layer hosted by Esri.

WorldElevation3D/Terrain3D Elevation data is loaded from the Terrain 3D layer hosted by Esri.


line of sight, raycast, visibility, visibility analysis

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