Explore with Third Person Character

Allows users to explore a city/map from the perspective of a Third Person Character.

Image of Third Person Controller

How to use the sample

  1. Open the ThirdPerson level.
  2. Click on the ArcGISMapActor in the Outliner panel.
  3. Set your API key under th Authentication section in the Details panel.
  4. Click play and move the character by using the WASD keys and the right mouse button. Jump with the space key.

Note: The terrain needs to be loaded before the Third Person Character falls on the ground. Adjust the Z Location value of the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter in order to gain more time for the terrain to be loaded if it's necessary.

How it works

  1. Set up ArcGIS Map for the exploration area.
  2. Create a Third Person Character with its control and attach the ArcGIS Camera Component to the Character Mesh.
  3. Add the Third Person Character to the level.
    • Mesh colliders need to be enabled in the ArcGIS Map Component.
    • If you want to place the character on a specific location, attach the ArcGIS Location Component to specify it.
    • Adjust the Z Location value of the character to have enough time to load the terrain.

About the data

Building models for San Francisco are loaded from a 3D object scene layer hosted by Esri.

Elevation data is loaded from the Terrain 3D elevation layer hosted by Esri.


exploration, third person perspective, third person controller

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