Visualize different attributes through render filtering

Apply shaders to 3DObject Scene layer based on different attributes.

Image of MaterialByAttribute

How to use the sample (SampleViewer)

  1. The SampleViewer Scene should open by default, if it is not open, click the SampleViewer scene to open it.
  2. Click play.
  3. Using the UI, enter an APIKey in the input field to the top left.
  4. Open the Samples drop down, and click 3DAttributes to open the level.
  5. Using the UI, select a filter type.

How to use the sample (3DAttributes Scene)

  1. Open the MaterialByAttribute Level.
  2. Click on the APIMapCreator Actor and set your API key in the Details panel.
  3. Click play.
  4. Using the UI, select a filter type.

How it works

  1. Create an ArcGISMap Actor.
  2. Add an ArcGISPawn to the scene.
  3. Drag the APIMapCreator Actor into the scene and select it so it is open in the details panel.
  4. Attach the SampleAttributesComponent script to the APIMapCreator Actor.
  5. Enter your APIKey in the APIMapCreator.
  6. Select your filter type in the AttributesComponent and watch the materials applied to the buildings change.

About the data

Building models for New York are loaded from a 3D object scene layer hosted by Esri.

Elevation data is loaded from the Terrain 3D elevation layer hosted by Esri.


attributes, visibility, visibility analysis

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