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Release notes for 10.2.9

This topic describes the changes in version 10.2.9 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.

Issues addressed

  • BUG-000098117: Executing bidirectional sync causes the following error, "File opened that is not a database file". API passes a token for getting ArcGIS Server delta files with ArcGIS Online hosted services.

Known issues

  • Some services have a casing mismatch between the field names used in the EditFieldsInfo returned from ArcGISFeatureLayer.getEditFieldsInfo() and the Fields JSON attribute, which is defined in the service's REST endpoint. A workaround for this mismatch is to correct the casing in your app code.
  • Advanced symbology doesn't support MIL-STD-2525C and APP-6(B) dictionaries installed on the same device. Work around this issue by setting the path of one of the resources explicitly using the MessageProcessor constructor that allows you to set the symbol dictionary path.

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