Layer types

You can use different types of data layers to access and display different types of data in your applications. Data layers can access ArcGIS data sources and other types of data sources such as OGC data and files.

Different data layers provide different types of functionality. The functionality available is largely dependent on the capabilities of the data source. For example, a feature layer can access a feature service and perform queries, edits, and data export, whereas a vector tile layer can only access tiles from a vector tile service.

The Layer class is the base class for all types of layers used in ArcGIS Runtime. The type of layer you create depends on the type of data you want to display. To display feature data (point, line, or polygon geometry), for example, you can create a FeatureLayer that points to an online service (such as a feature service) or a supported local dataset. The tables below summarizes common types of layers available for your ArcGIS Runtime app.

ArcGIS data layers

The following layers work with ArcGIS data sources.

LayerData typeDisplayQueryEditOfflineData sources
AnnotationLayerFeature2DTrueTrueTrueFeature service
ArcGISMapImageLayerImage2D/3DFalseFalseTrueMap service (Offline requires local server)
ArcGISSceneLayerI3S3DFalseFalseTrueScene service
ArcGISTiledLayerImage Tile2D/3DFalseFalseTrueTile service, tile package (.tpk/.tpkx)
ArcGISVectorTiledLayerVector Tile2D/3DFalseFalseTrueVector tile service, vector tile package (.vtpk)
FeatureCollectionLayerFeature2D/3DTrueTrueTruePortal item, web map, feature set / query result
FeatureLayerFeature2D/3DTrueTrueTrue  Online sources:
  Offline sources:
IntegratedMeshLayerI3S3DFalseFalseTrueScene service, mobile scene package
PointCloudLayerI3S3DFalseFalseTrueScene service, mobile scene package
RasterLayerRaster2D/3DFalseFalseTrue  Raster files - path to a file on the device,
    see Raster Class.
  Remote ArcGIS Image services,
    see ImageServiceRaster.
  Raster files within GeoPackages,
    see GeoPackageRaster.
  Mosaic datasets,
    see MosaicDatasetRaster.

OGC data layers

The following layers work with OGC data sources.

LayerData typeDisplayQueryEditOfflineData sources
FeatureLayerFeature2D/3DTrueTrueTrueWFS, GeoPackage
KmlLayerFeature/Image2D/3DTrueTrueTrueKML file (.kml, .kmz)
WmsLayerImage2D/3DFalseFalseFalseWMS service
WmtsLayerImage Tile2D/3DFalseFalseFalseWMTS service

Other data layers

The following layers work with non-ArcGIS data sources.

LayerData typeDisplayQueryEditOfflineData sources
OpenStreetMapLayerImage Tile2D/3DFalseFalseTrueOpenStreetMap (OSM) image tile service
ArcGISVectorTiledLayerVector Tile2D/3DFalseFalseFalseVector tile service (Mapbox specification)
WebTiledLayerImage Tile2D/3DFalseFalseFalse{level},{row},{col} Image tile service
RasterLayerRaster2D/3DFalseFalseFalseRaster files e.g. GeoTiff, Mr. Sid
EncLayerBinary (SENC)2DFalseFalseTrueENC exchange set
BingMapsLayerImage Tile2D/3DFalseFalseFalseBing maps service

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