License AppStudio Developer Edition

Several ArcGIS AppStudio features require an ArcGIS AppStudio Developer Edition license, which is included with an ArcGIS Developer Subscription of Builder level or higher. The AppStudio Developer Edition license itself is found in the Dev and Test account that was set up for your Developer Subscription. AppStudio Developer Edition licensing is also included with an ArcGIS trial organization.

To add AppStudio Developer licensing to the primary ArcGIS organization used in your company or team, you must call Customer Service. The primary ArcGIS organization can be an ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise organization and is referred to here as a production organization.

In all cases, once an organization has an AppStudio Developer Edition license, a user inside the organization must have it assigned to them to use it. The following sections describe the steps required to obtain and assign an AppStudio Developer Edition license for all organizations. The process of assigning an AppStudio Developer Edition license to a user in the case of a Dev and Test organization is also explained in this video.

Register your Developer Subscription

To assign an AppStudio Developer Edition license, you first need an ArcGIS Developer Subscription of Builder plan or higher. Information on Developer Subscription plans can be found on the ArcGIS Developer pricing page.

These steps are required for production organizations and Dev and Test organizations.

  1. Sign in to My Esri with your ArcGIS Developers account.
  2. Open My Organizations > Licensing Forms, and select Developer Subscription Registration.
  3. Enter your Developer Subscription code. To get one of these codes in the United States, call Product Sales at 1-800-447-9778. If you're outside of the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

Once your Developer Subscription has been registered, a new Developer tab will be available under My Organizations.

If you're intending to use AppStudio in a production organization, contact Customer Service to have them assign the product to your organization.

Activate a Dev and Test organization

A Dev and Test organization must first be created in My Esri before it can be used and users can be assigned licenses.

  1. Open My Organizations > Developer, and select Developer Subscription from the menu on the left.

  2. Scroll down to ArcGIS Online Organizational Subscription (Dev and Test) and select Activate. Follow the steps provided to set up your Dev and Test organization.

    AppStudio Developer Edition is included in your Dev and Test organization; however, it does need to be assigned to a user.

Assign an AppStudio Developer Edition license to a user

The administrator of an organization with access to AppStudio Developer Edition must then assign it to a user for them to access it.

These steps are required for trial organizations, Dev and Test organizations, and production organizations.

  1. When signed in to your organization, open the Organization> Licenses tab and click Add-on licenses.
  2. Scroll to Applications> AppStudio Developer Edition and click Manage.
  3. For your intended user account, enable AppStudio Developer Edition by clicking the slider switch alongside their user name.

The intended user now has an AppStudio Developer Edition license and can download and sign in to ArcGIS AppStudio.

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