Contains the geometry and attributes of features in a layer. This object is used with feature collections only. For more information, see layer.




An array of feature objects, defined using the syntax of the ArcGIS REST API. Each feature contains geometry and a set of attributes.


A string defining the type of geometry used in the feature set. Available values are: esriGeometryPoint | esriGeometryMultipoint | esriGeometryPolyline | esriGeometryPolygon | esriGeometryEnvelope.


This example shows two point features in a feature collection, with various attributes.

"featureSet": {
          "features": [
              "geometry": {
                "x": -410589.5039529535,
                "y": 4931992.428022168,
                "spatialReference": {"wkid": 102100}
              "attributes": {
                "OBJECTID": 1,
                "NAME": "Estadio Santiago Bernabéu",
                "DESCRIPTION": "El estadio de Real Madrid",
                "IMAGEURL": "http://myserver/pictures/spain/bernabeu.jpg",
                "INFOURL": "http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estadio_Santiago_Bernab%C3%A9u",
                "x": -3.68838826899997,
                "y": 40.4530095710001,
                "__OBJECTID": 0
              "geometry": {
                "x": -412082.8531408344,
                "y": 4927158.765862914,
                "spatialReference": {"wkid": 102100}
              "attributes": {
                "OBJECTID": 2,
                "NAME": "Estación de Metro Gran Vía",
                "DESCRIPTION": "Una estación de Metro en el centro de la ciudad",
                "IMAGEURL": "http://myserver/pictures/spain/granvia.jpg",
                "INFOURL": "http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran_via",
                "x": -3.70180325299998,
                "y": 40.4199603440001,
                "__OBJECTID": 1
          "geometryType": "esriGeometryPoint"

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