RestResponseProperties Class

A class that helps generating the responseProperties string for a resource or operation.


RestResponsePropertiesRestResponseProperties constructor.

RestResponseProperties Constructor

RestResponseProperties constructor, which sets default content type to "text/plain;charset=utf-8" and sets default data type to esriWebResponseDataType.esriWRDTPayload.

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public RestResponseProperties()


PropertyProperty valueDescription
RestResponseProperties.ContentTypeStringDefines the value of the Content-Type http header. Default value is "text/plain;charset=utf-8" (valid for JSON)
RestResponseProperties.IsErrorBooleanIndicates if an error happened when processing a request. Some properties may not be written if that is the case.
RestResponseProperties.ResponseDataTypeesriWebResponseDataTypeIndicates if the response is sent embedded to the http handler (esriWRDTPayload, the default), or if a file is written in an output directory and the http handler should pick it up from there (esriWRDTFileToReturn)


RestResponseProperties.ToString()Generates a comma-separated list of properties to be returned to the http handler.

RestResponseProperties.ToString() Method

Generates a comma-separated list of properties to be returned to the http handler

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