AMD: require(["esri/rasterRenderers"], (rasterRenderers) => { /* code goes here */ });
ESM: import * as rasterRenderers from "@arcgis/core/rasterRenderers.js";
Object: esri/rasterRenderers
Since: ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.13

A convenience module for importing renderer classes that can be used to render ImageryLayer when developing with TypeScript. For example, rather than importing renderers one at a time like this:

import FlowRenderer from "esri/renderers/FlowRenderer";
import ClassBreaksRenderer from "esri/renderers/ClassBreaksRenderer";
import UniqueValueRenderer from "esri/renderers/UniqueValueRenderer";
import RasterStretchRenderer from "esri/renderers/RasterStretchRenderer";
import RasterColormapRenderer from "esri/renderers/RasterColormapRenderer";
import RasterShadedReliefRenderer from "esri/renderers/RasterShadedReliefRenderer";
import VectorFieldRenderer from "esri/renderers/VectorFieldRenderer";

You can use this module to import them on a single line:

import { FlowRenderer, ClassBreaksRenderer, UniqueValueRenderer, RasterColormapRenderer, RasterStretchRenderer, RasterShadedReliefRenderer, VectorFieldRenderer } from "esri/rasterRenderers";

This module also allows you to implement type guards on renderers, making your code smarter.

import { Renderer } from "esri/rasterRenderers";

function logRenderer(renderer: RasterStretchRenderer): void {
 if (renderer.type == "raster-stretch") {
   // the compiler knows the renderer must be a RasterStretchRenderer
   console.log("renderer color ramp: ", renderer.colorRamp);

Type Definitions

ClassBreaksRenderer ClassBreaksRenderer


FlowRenderer FlowRenderer


RasterColormapRenderer RasterColormapRenderer


RasterShadedReliefRenderer RasterShadedReliefRenderer


RasterStretchRenderer RasterStretchRenderer


UniqueValueRenderer UniqueValueRenderer


VectorFieldRenderer VectorFieldRenderer


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