Filter features by geometry with SceneLayer

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Filter (masking) features is useful in urban planning. In this sample users can hide buildings and trees by drawing a masking polygon, polyline or points with buffers.

The polygon, polyline or point used for filtering is drawn using the SketchViewModel. We define it by passing in the view and a GraphicsLayer where the polygon, polyline or point is drawn. Optionally we can set a symbol for the polygon, polyline or point:

// use SketchViewModel to draw polygons that are used as a filter
const sketchViewModel = new SketchViewModel({
  layer: graphicsLayer,
  view: view,
  polygonSymbol: {
    type: "polygon-3d",
    symbolLayers: [
        type: "fill",
        material: {
          color: [255, 255, 255, 0.8]
        outline: {
          color: [211, 132, 80, 0.7],
          size: "10px"

Spatial filtering can be easily achieved by setting a filter on a SceneLayerView:

buildingLayerView.filter = new FeatureFilter({
  geometry: polygon,
  spatialRelationship: "disjoint"

Currently for 3D object SceneLayerViews spatial FeatureFilter only works when spatialRelationship is one of contains, intersects, disjoint.

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