Proportionally-sized WebStyleSymbols (2D)

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This sample demonstrates how to style a feature layer with proportionally-sized WebStyleSymbols. The "school" symbol with visual variables (defined on the service) is used to represent the percentage of college-educated people in each county. The larger the symbol, the higher the percentage of college-educated people. The sample replaces a 2D WebStyleSymbol with a CIMSymbol, which is a multi-layer vector symbol that preserves quality as symbol size grows.


The sample loads a FeatureLayer from a portal item and then updates the symbol on the renderer to a WebStyleSymbol. The symbol is created by specifying the style name and symbol name.

// Update renderer with new web style symbol
function updateRenderer() {
  let renderer = layer.renderer.clone
  var cb = renderer.classBreakInfos[0];
  cb.symbol = new WebStyleSymbol({
    name: "school",
    styleName: "Esri2DPointSymbolsStyle"
  layer.renderer = renderer;

More out-of-the-box web style symbols for use in 2D MapViews can be found on the guide page Esri Web Style Symbols (2D).