What's new in version 1.4



  • Group.add_user method will accept user objects or a string representing username as input.
  • Updated date handling and integer types available on the Spatial DataFrame
  • Fixed issue where mixed-content layers were failing when using the map widget
  • Fixed issue where FeatureSet.df was not properly setting the spatial reference
  • Detailed warnings issued exporting layer with global function in the function chain
  • Fixed issue where PNG files referenced in thumbnail parameter on user.update() method raised an exception
  • Fixed error when drawing FeatureCollections with datetime fields
  • Fixed bug where ContentManager.import_data() returned error if Pandas dataframe did not contain addresses
  • Fixed bug when using SpatialDataFrame.to_featurelayer() method for environments lacking ArcPy site-package
  • Fixed issue where time-enabled hosted feature layers failed to clone to portal items
  • Fixed projection issue when using SpatialDataFrame.to_featureclass() method when ArcPy site-package not present
  • Fixed problem with Geoenrichment.Country.subgeographies queries not returning results
  • Fixed handling of NoneType responses for Geoprocessing service requests
  • Fixed bug where user.update_level() method was not changing level of user
  • Added missing parameters to raster.classify function
  • Fixed errors when writing dates to feature attributes

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