What's new in version 1.5


  • Updated the Map Widget to use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4x release
    • Broader support for authoring and rendering WebScenes
    • Full support for JupyterLab. See JupyterLab Guide.
    • Support for specifying autocast JavaScript renderers from Python code
    • Support for exporting Map Widgets to standalone HTML pages
    • Support for using an external ArcGIS API for JavaScript CDN for disconnected environments
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Added the new Spatially Enabled Dataframe to eventually replace the SpatialDataFrame() class
    • New implementation: Accessor-based spatial namespace accessible as the sdf property on a Pandas dataframe
    • Improvements to rendering, projections and support for Arcade expressions
  • Added usage property on Item class to inspect individual statistics
  • Added attribute checks for geometries in environments where ArcPy is not available
  • Added summary property to arcgis.admin.ux to add description of Portal or ArcGIS Online Organization instance
  • Added support for using server raster functions in raster analytics jobs using apply()
  • Enhancements to support for mosaic_rules on ImageryLayers, incdluding when using save() and identity()
  • Added AssignmentIntegrationManager class to Workforce module as the integrations property on a Project
  • Added url builder functions to the apps module
  • Enhanced numerous Global Raster functions with parameter validation checks, including cost_distance(), cost_allocation(), flow_distance(), zonal_statistics() and others
  • Added cost_backlink(), euclidean_direction(), cost_path(), kernel_density(), and calculate_travel_cost() to Global Raster Functions and optimum_travel_cost_network() to Raster Analytics
  • Added category_filters parameter to improve search() capabilities
  • Added find_centroids function to arcgis.features.find_locations submodule


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