Introduction to places

With the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, you can find places within a search distance of a geographic point or within an extent, or find more information about specific places. Places, also known as points of interest (POIs), are businesses and geographic locations that you can discover around the world. To find places you use the places service. The service allows you to search for places near a location or within a bounding box. To find specific types of places you can use over 1000 place categories and your own text to refine the search results. Places also contain valuable details, also known as attributes, such as name, category, street address, marketing district, contact information, website, social links, hours of operation, price ratings, and user ratings.

To start, one should identify one or more place categories for the types of places of interest. Categories are used to help filter search results so only the places of interest are returned. All categories have a name and a unique ID. To help find the appropriate category and ID, one can use the places category finder tool.

Introduction to places

Introduction to places.

Find nearby places and details

Find nearby places and details sample.

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