Find service areas for multiple facilities

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Find the service areas of several facilities from a feature service.

Image of find service areas for multiple facilities

Use case

A service area is a region which can be accessed from a facility as limited by one or more factors, such as travel time, distance, or cost. When analyzing the service area of multiple facilities, this workflow can be used to identify gaps in service area coverage, or significant overlaps, helping to optimize the distribution of facilities. For example, a city's health service may identify areas of a city that can be served effectively from particular hospitals, and with this optimize distribution of staff and resources.

How to use the sample

Click 'find service area' to calculate and display the service area of each facility on the map. The polygons displayed around each facility represents the service area; in red is the area that is within 3 minutes away from the hospital by car. Light orange is the area that is within 5 minutes away from the hospital by car.

How it works

  1. Create a new ServiceAreaTask from a network service.
  2. Create default ServiceAreaParameters from the service area task.
  3. Set the parameters ServiceAreaParameters.ReturnPolygons = true to return polygons of all service areas.
  4. Add facilities of the ServiceAreaParameters. For this, use a set of QueryParameters to select features from a ServiceFeatureTable: serviceAreaParameters.SetFacilities(_facilitiesTable, queryParameters).
  5. Get the ServiceAreaResult by solving the service area task using the parameters.
  6. For each facility, get any ServiceAreaPolygons that were returned, serviceAreaResult.GetResultPolygons(facilityIndex).
  7. Display the service area polygons as Graphics in a GraphicsOverlay on the MapView.

About the data

This sample uses a street map of San Diego, in combination with a feature service with facilities (used here to represent hospitals). Additionally a street network is used on the server for calculating the service area.

Relevant API

  • ServiceAreaParameters
  • ServiceAreaPolygon
  • ServiceAreaResult
  • ServiceAreaTask


facilities, feature service, impedance, network analysis, service area, travel time

Sample Code

        <esriUI:MapView x:Name="MyMapView" />
        <Border Style="{StaticResource BorderStyle}">
                <Button x:Name="ServiceAreaButton"
                        Content="Find service area"
                        Click="FindServiceArea_Clicked" />
                <ProgressBar x:Name="ProgressView"
                             Visibility="Collapsed" />