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Project a point from one spatial reference to another.

Image of project

Use case

Being able to project between spatial references is fundamental to a GIS. An example of when you would need to re-project data is if you had data in two different spatial references, but wanted to perform an intersect analysis with the GeometryEngine.intersect function. This function takes two geometries as parameters, and both geometries must be in the same spatial reference. If they are not, you could first use GeometryEngine.project to convert the geometries so they match.

How to use the sample

Click anywhere on the map. A callout will display the clicked location's coordinate in the original (basemap's) spatial reference and in the projected spatial reference.

How it works

  1. Call the static method, GeometryEngine.Project, passing in the original Geometry and a SpatialReference to which it should be projected.

Relevant API

  • GeometryEngine
  • Point
  • SpatialReference

Additional information

In cases where the the output spatial reference uses a different geographic coordinate system than that of the input spatial reference, see the GeometryEngine.project method that additionally takes in a DatumTransformation parameter.


coordinate system, coordinates, latitude, longitude, projected, projection, spatial reference, Web Mercator, WGS 84

Sample Code

        <esriUI:MapView x:Name="MyMapView" />