esriCalendarEnum Constants

Calendar types.

Constant Value Description
esriCalendarUnknown 0 Unknown calendar.
esriCalendarGregorian 1 Gregorian (localized) calendar.
esriCalendarGregorianUS 2 Gregorian (U.S.) calendar.
esriCalendarJapan 3 Japanese Emperor Era calendar.
esriCalendarTaiwan 4 Taiwan Era calendar.
esriCalendarKorea 5 Korean Tangun Era calendar.
esriCalendarHijri 6 Hijri (Arabic Lunar) calendar.
esriCalendarThai 7 Thai calendar.
esriCalendarHebrew 8 Hebrew calendar.
esriCalendarGregorianMEFrench 9 Gregorian Middle East French calendar.
esriCalendarGregorianArabic 10 Gregorian Arabic calendar.
esriCalendarGregorianXLITEnglish 11 Gregorian Transliterated English calendar.
esriCalendarGregorianXLITFrench 12 Gregorian Transliterated French calendar.
esriCalendarJulian 13 Julian calendar.
esriCalendarJapaneseLuniSolar 14 Japanese lunisolar calendar.
esriCalendarChineseLuniSolar 15 Chinese lunisolar calendar.
esriCalendarSake 16 Reserved to match Office.
esriCalendarLunarEtoChn 17 Reserved to match Office.
esriCalendarLunarEtoKor 18 Reserved to match Office.
esriCalendarLunarEtoRokuyou 19 Reserved to match Office.
esriCalendarKoreanLuniSolar 20 Korean lunisolar calendar.
esriCalendarTaiwanLuniSolar 21 Taiwan lunisolar calendar.
esriCalendarPersian 22 Persian calendar.
esriCalendarUmAlQura 23 Umm al-Qura calendar.

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