esriServerMessageCodeEnum Constants

Codes for server messages generated by System assembly.

Constant Value Description
esriSystemMessageCode_​Debug 100000 Debug information
esriSystemMessageCode_​StringRequestReceived 100001 String Request received.
esriSystemMessageCode_​StringResponseSent 100002 String Response sent.
esriSystemMessageCode_​BinaryRequestReceived 100003 Binary Request received.
esriSystemMessageCode_​BinaryResponseSent 100004 Binary Response sent.
esriSystemMessageCode_​RequestFailed 100005 Request processing failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorLoadFromString 100006 Loading SOAP request from string failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorReadXml 100007 Reading XML of a SOAP request failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorWriteXml 100008 Writing XML of a SOAP response failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorSaveToString 100009 Saving SOAP response to a string failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorImportFromMem 100010 Loading binary request from memory failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorLoadBinaryStream 100011 Loading binary request into a memory stream failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​SetResponseStreamVersion 100012 Setting stream version of a binary response failed.
esriSystemMessageCode_​ErrorWriteBinaryResponse 100013 Writing binary response failed.

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