esriDrawOp Constants

Draw Operation Codes.

Constant Value Description
esriDrawPolyPolyline 0 Draw PolyPolyline.
esriDrawPolyPolygon 1 Draw PolyPolygon.
esriDrawPolyline 2 Draw Polyline.
esriDrawPolygon 3 Draw Polygon.
esriDrawBeginPath 4 Begin Path.
esriDrawEndPath 5 End Path.
esriDrawArcCW 6 Draw Arc (clockwise).
esriDrawArcCCW 7 Draw Arc (counter clockwise).
esriDrawPolyBezier 8 Draw PolyBezier.
esriDrawRectangle 9 Draw Rectangle.
esriDrawCircle 10 Draw Circle.
esriDrawMoveTo 11 Move To.
esriDrawMultipoint 12 Draw Multipoint.
esriDrawStop 13 Stop Drawing.
esriDrawTrapezoids 14 Draw Trapezoids.
esriDrawPolygonNoBorder 15 The same as esriDrawPolygon but with null border outline.
esriDrawPolyPolygonNoBorder 16 The same as esriDrawPolyPolygon but with null border outline.

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