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Register the extension

Legacy: This topic discusses extending operation views created using the Windows version Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. This version of the application has been moved to Mature Support status. To learn more about the latest web-based version, see Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

You must register each Operations Dashboard extension you create in your ArcGIS organization. You will need to be signed in as an Administrator.

  1. In a browser window, sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  2. Click My Content.
  3. Click Add Item and choose An application.

    Add item

  4. Choose Application Extension (Operations Dashboard), and provide the URL to your manifest file.

    Add application

    The title of your item will automatically populate from your manifest file. You can also manually edit the title.

  5. Click Add Item.
  6. Share the item with groups within your organization.
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