Keyboard shortcuts

? Bring up this help dialog
esc Dismiss this help dialog
g s Go to Sample Code
c Focus code
d Download code
s Share in online code editor
⌘ enter ctrl enter Refresh output
t h Toggle HTML
t o Toggle output
Code panel
shift esc shift esc Focus Sandbox
⌘ enter ctrl enter Refresh output
option ⌘ g ctrl alt g Go to line
⌘ / ctrl / Line comment
option ⌘ l ctrl alt l Auto indent code
⌘ k ctrl k Toggle vim, :w Refresh Output
⌘ shift > ctrl shift > Increase font size
⌘ shift < ctrl shift < Decrease font size
⌘ 0 ctrl 0 Reset font size
ctrl 1 ctrl 1 Toggle HTML
ctrl 2 ctrl 2 Toggle Output

Code panel default shortcuts