Esri Color Ramps

The ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript provides hundreds of color ramps to developers to improve the mapping experience. Numerous cartographers with decades of experience in color theory and knowledge of how perceptual differences between colors work created these color ramps using Adobe Illustrator.

Most of the color ramps are colorblind friendly. Each ramp was individually tested with a color blindness simulator such as ColorOracle to verify that the ramp shows detectable color variation when the three types of color blindness are simulated.

Choosing a color ramp

A color ramp belongs to one or more tag categories and consists of a number of colors. When searching for a specific color ramp, select one or more tags and a number of colors in the ramp. You can also start with predefined color (or set of colors) by using a color's hexadecimal value or a series of hexadecimal values to filter the color ramp selection. Once a color ramp has been isolated, click on the individual color ramp to view and copy its hexadecimal or rgba values.

1. Color scheme (tags)
2. Number of Colors12345678910111213203. Colorblind friendly4. Filter by hexadecimal (optional)5. Search criteria (more strict)SearchReset
512 color ramps