ArcGISArView QML Type

  • ArcGISArView
  • A scene view for displaying ARKit/ARCore features on mobile devices using the QML API. More...

    Since: Esri::ArcGISArToolkit 100.6



    Detailed Description

    The Augmented Reality toolkit provides support for ARKit for iOS and Android. The Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit component allows quick and easy integration of AR into your application for a variety of scenarios.

    See see the AR README on GitHub for details.

    Property Documentation

    originCamera : Camera

    The origin camera of the scene.

    sceneView : SceneView

    The ArcGIS scene view used to display the scene.

    The space effect of the scene view is set to SpaceEffect::Transparent and the atmosphere effect is set to AtmosphereEffect::None.

    Method Documentation

    screenToLocation(x, y)

    Gets the real world location to the corresponding x and y screen coordinates.

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