CoordinateConversionOption QML Type

  • CoordinateConversionOption
  • a CoordinateConversionOption is a collection of properties that dictates how a Point should be converted to and from a string. More...

    Since: Esri.ArcGISRutime 100.10



    Detailed Description

    a CoordinateConversionOption is able to convert between Point <–> string using the formatting options it is currently set with.

    Property Documentation

    decimalPlaces : int

    The number of decimal spaces in the format (if applicable).

    garsConversionMode : int

    The GARS conversion mode (if applicable).

    hasSpaces : bool

    Flags whether to add spaces in notation (if applicable).

    latLonFormat : int

    The Latitude and Longitude format (if applicable).

    mgrsConversionMode : int

    The MGRS conversion mode (if applicable).

    name : string

    The user friendly name of this option.

    outputMode : int

    The conversion type of this option.

    precision : int

    Precision of conversion format (if applicable).

    utmConversionMode : int

    The UTM conversion mode (if applicable).

    Method Documentation

    void pointFromString(Point point, SpatialReference spatialReference)

    Given a string called point, converts it to a Point using the current formatting options applied.

    This conversion has the chance of failing, in which case null is returned.

    • point string to conver to a Point.
    • spatialReference SpatialReference to use in conversion.

    Returns string as a Point.

    prettyPrint(Point point)

    Converts a Point to a string based on the properties set in this CoordinateConversionOption

    • point Point to convert to string.

    Returns string representation of point with the current formatting options applied.

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