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  • CoordinateConversionController
  • In MVC architecture, this is the controller for the CoordinateConversion view. More...

    Since: Esri.ArcGISRutime 100.10




    Detailed Description

    Property Documentation

    Known list of available coordinate conversion formats which can be consumed to generate different textual representations of the same point.

    geoView : var

    The GeoView for this tool. Should be a SceneView or a MapView.

    inPickingMode : bool

    Whether this controller is actively listening for mouse events.

    When listening for mouse events, the Controller will update the current point to whatever point is returned by a click event on the GeoView.

    When true this controller is listening to mouse events on the GeoView and will actively update the CurrentPoint. When false this controller is not listening to mouse events on the GeoView.

    List of textual representations of the current point in different formats.

    zoomToDistance : double

    Distance between camera and current point when zoomToCurrentPoint is invoked.

    If geoView is a SceneView, then this value represents the distance between the camera and the point returned by currentPoint when zoomToCurrentPoint is called.

    If geoView is a MapView, this value has no effect on zoom calculations.

    The distance is in the units of the GeoView's SpatialReference.

    Defaults to 1500.

    Signal Documentation

    currentPointChanged(Point point)

    Emitted when the current point has changed.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onCurrentPointChanged.

    Method Documentation

    addNewCoordinateResultForOption(CoordinateConversionOption option)

    Given option, generates a new result.

    A new CoordianteConversionResult is added to the list-model returned by coordinateResults. This Result is tied to the conversion parameters as given by option.

    • option option to generate result for.


    Returns the current point.

    The current point represents the one point that all elements within the conversionResults list-model are tied to.

    See also setCurrentPoint().

    getOption(int index)

    Returns the CoordinateConversionOption at index.

    removeCoordinateResultAtIndex(int index)

    Removes a given CoordinateConversionResult at index.

    This function is for deleting results in the list-model returned by coordinateREsults.


    Converts the current point held by this controller as a 2D point relative to the current window.

    Returns the point returned by currentPoint as a screen coordinate.

    setCurrentPoint(Point point, CoordinateConversionOption option)

    Set the current point to point. This updates all textual representations owned by this controller.

    • point new point to convert.
    • option Option dictating hints on how to convert the string to a point.

    See also currentPoint().


    Updates the GeoView's camera to point to the current point's location on the map or scene.

    See also zoomToDistance.

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