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  • AuthenticationController
  • In MVC architecture, this is the controller for the corresponding AuthenticationView. More...

    Since: Esri.ArcGISRutime 100.10




    Detailed Description

    This controller is a thin wrapper around the AuthenticationManager. As AuthenticationManager challenges are queued, the controller holds onto a "current" challenge, which is the challenge the user is presented with, which will be discarded once the user chooses an action to perform on the challenge.

    Property Documentation

    clientCertificateInfos : var

    The list of ClientCertificateInfo strings currently held by the AuthenticationManager.

    currentAuthenticatingHost : string

    Returns the authorization hostname of the current AuthenticationChallenge.

    currentChallengeFailureCount : int

    The failure count of the current AuthenticationChallenge.

    currentChallengeType : int

    The type of the current challenge as an int.

    Challenge typeConstant

    currentChallengeUrl : url

    The authorization url of the current AuthenticationChallenge.

    Signal Documentation

    clientCertificatePasswordRequired(url certificate)

    Emitted when a certificate that was added to the AuthenticationManager requires a password.

    Note: The corresponding handler is onClientCertificatePasswordRequired.

    See also AuthenticationController::addClientCertificate.

    Method Documentation

    addClientCertificate(url certificate, string password)

    Calls addClientCertificate on the current challenge using the given certificate and password. Then clears the current challenge.

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