FloorFilterController QML Type

The controller part of a FloorFilter. This class handles the toggling of selected levels' visibility associated to the FloorFilter inputted GeoModel FloorAware layers. Automatically loads the GeoModel and its associated FloorManager. More...

Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.14




Detailed Description

Property Documentation

automaticSelectionMode : int

The mode selected defines how the FloorFilter updates its selection as the user navigates the connected GeoView.

AutomaticSelectionMode.NeverViewpoint navigation does not affect the currently selected facility.
AutomaticSelectionMode.AlwaysWhen the geoview's current viewpoint updates, the controller tests to see if the facility intersect the viewpoint, and selects it if so. If no facility intersects the viewpoint, then the current facility is deselected.
AutomaticSelectionMode.AlwaysNonClearingVariant of Always, but if there is no facility to select within the viewpoint then we do not deselect the current viewpoint.

Default is AutomaticSelectionMode.Always

[read-only] facilities : ListModel

Stores the facilities in the currently selected site.

See also selectedSiteId.

floorManager : FloorManager

The FloorManager associated to the geoModel. It can be null if no associated geoModel is available, is not loaded or it does not contain any floor aware data.

floorManagerConn : Connections

Load the floorManager associated with the geoModel and populate the sites.

See also populateSites.

geoModel : GeoModel

The GeoModel used by the controller to obtain the FloorManager.

geoModelConn : Connections

load the FloorManager associated with the geoModel.

geoView : GeoView

The GeoView the controller is listening to for viewpoint changes. Controller sets the GeoView viewpoint when selecting site/facility.

internal : QtObject


[read-only] levels : ListModel

Stores the levels in the currently selected facility in alphabetical order. If not selectedSiteRespected, all levels are stored.

See also selectedLevelId.

[read-only] selectedFacilityId : string

Stores the current selected facility Id. Default is "".

[read-only] selectedLevelId : string

Stores the current selected level Id. Default is "".

[read-only] selectedSiteId : string

Stores the current selected site Id. Default is "".

selectedSiteRespected : bool

Repopulates the facilities model when toggled false. When the selected site is respected, the facilities list is limited to the facilities which match the selected site. If the selected site is not respected, then facilities will contain all facilities from all sites, regardless of the selected site. Default is true.

[read-only] sites : ListModel

Stores all the sites in the current floorManager.

See also selectedSiteId.

updateLevelsMode : int

The mode that defines how levels are made visible/invisible in the geoView.

UpdateLevelsMode.AllLevelsMatchingVerticalOrderWhen a level is selected, all levels with matching vertical order are made visible, all other levels are invisible.

Default is UpdateLevelsMode.AllLevelsMatchingVerticalOrder

Signal Documentation


Signal emitted once the floorManager has been successfully loaded.

Note: The corresponding handler is onLoaded.

Method Documentation


Clears and repopulates facilities with listFacilities. Expects the facility elements to have `name`, `facilityId` and `site.name` properties. Model facilities elements are alphabetically ordered. If only on facility exists we select that facility, otherwise we do not automatically select a facility.


Clears and repopulates the levels with listLevels. Expects the levels elements to have `shortName`, `longName`, `levelId` properties. Levels are sorted in terms of their vertical order, and a default level is selected, favoring the level with verticalOrder == 0.


Clears and repopulates sites with listSites. Expects the site elements to have properties `name` and `siteId`. If only one site exists in the model, then we select it automatically.

See also setSelectedSiteId.


Setting the levels visible that match the verticalOrder


Sets the facilityId as selectedFacilityId. This will load the levels with the levels withing the facility and reset by selecting selectedLevelId with level matching vertical ordering == 0. Also, sets the selectedSiteId to the facility's parent site. Set empty string to reset the facility.

See also setSelectedLevelId.


Sets the levelId as selectedLevelId. This will change the current visible level on the GeoView. If levelId is empty string, current selected level is deseleted and its visibility is set to false. Resets the previous level visibility. updateLevelsMode modifies the behavior of selecting level.


Sets the siteId as selectedSiteId. This will load the facilities with the facilities within the site and reset selectedFacilityId. Does not repopulate facilities in case of not selectedSiteRespected.


Set the visibility to the selectedLevel.


Tries to update the current selected site,facility and level based on the current viewcenter point geometry. In case a site/facility is in the current viewpoint center, it is selected and its default level shown. The automaticSelectionMode is used to decide the specific behavior of level selection.


On the GeoView, zooms to the facility with ID matching facilityId.


On the GeoView, zooms to the facility with ID matching siteId.

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