OverviewMapController QML Type

The controller part of a OverviewMap. This class handles the management of the inset MapView, including symbol styling and navigation. More...

Since: Esri.ArcGISRutime 100.12


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

geoView : var

The geoview the controller is listening for viewpoint changes.

[read-only] insetView : MapView

MapView which represents an overview/inset of the current viewpoint of the geoView.

When this property is true, the user is able to navigate the insetView, which in turn updates the geoView. When this property is false, the insetView does not respond to mouse/touch events. Defaults to true.

scaleFactor : real

Sets the amount to scale the OverviewMap compared to the geoView.

symbol : Symbol

The symbol used to represent the GeoView's current viewpoint.

If OverviewMapController::geoView is not set, then the symbol will return nullptr by default.

If OverviewMapController::geoView is set, and a custom symbol was not applied, then a default will be provided.

For MapView, the default is an empty SimpleFillSymbol with a 1 point red outline; for SceneView, it will be a red, cross-hair SimpleMarkerSymbol.

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