BasemapGalleryController QML Type

The controller part of a BasemapGallery. This class handles the management of the BasemapGalleryItem objects, and listening to changes to the current Basemap of an associated GeoModel. More...

Since: Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.12



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

[read-only] currentBasemap : Basemap

The current basemap of the scene/map in the current geoModel.

The gallery of BasemapGalleryItem objects.

Internally, the gallery is a QML ListModel containing elements of type ListElement. Each ListElement has a single property `modelData`, which maps to a BasemapGalleryItem.

geoModel : GeoModel

The geomodel the controller is listening for basemap changes.

portal : Portal

The optional portal the controller queries for basemaps

Method Documentation

bool append(Basemap basemap, url thumbnailUrl, string tooltip)

Convenience function that appends a basemap to the gallery with an overloaded thumbnail and tooltip.

Returns whether the append was successful.

  • basemap Basemap to add to the gallery.
  • thumbnailUrl Thumbnail to display in the gallery. Optional.
  • tooltip Tooltip to show when mouse hovers over the gallery item. Optional.

void setCurrentBasemap(Basemap basemap)

Sets the current basemap associated with the map/scene of the given GeoModel to basemap.

It is possible for the current basemap to not be in the gallery.


Convenience method that takes a GeoView view and sets this controller's geoModel to the scene or map contained within. This method is for QML/C++ layer compatibility. It is better to set BasemapGalleryController.geoModel directly.

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