ITier2 Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a network tier 2.


Name Description
Read-only property AggregatedLinesForSubnetLine Returns the lines aggregated into SubnetLine Feature Class.
Read-only property CreationTime Returns the creation time.
Read-only property DiagramTemplates Returns the available diagram templates.
Read-only property EditModeForDefaultVersion Returns the update subnetwork edit mode for the default version.
Read-only property EditModeForNamedVersion Returns the update subnetwork edit mode for a named version.
Read-only property ManageSubnetwork Returns the manage subnetwork property set.
Read-only property Name Returns the tier name.
Read-only property Rank Returns the tier rank.
Read-only property SchemaGeneration Returns the schema generation.
Read-only property SubnetworkFieldName Returns the subnetwork field name.
Read-only property SupportDisjointSubnetwork Returns whether disjoint subnetworks are supported.
Read-only property TierGroupName Returns the tier group name.
Read-only property TierID Returns the tier ID.
Read-only property Topology Returns the tier topology.
Read-only property TraceConfiguration Returns the trace configuration.
Read-only property UpdateContainers Update subnetwork on container features or objects in domain network.
Read-only property UpdateStructures Update subnetwork on structure classes.
Read-only property UpdateSubnetLines Update subnetwork on subnetline features.
Read-only property UpdateSubnetworkOptions Returns the update subnetwork options.
Read-only property ValidateLocatability Validate locatability in update subnetwork.
Read-only property ValidDevices Returns the valid devices.
Read-only property ValidEdgeObjects Returns the valid edge objects.
Read-only property ValidJunctionObjects Returns the valid junction objects.
Read-only property ValidJunctionObjectSubnetworkControllers Returns the valid junction objects for subnetwork controller.
Read-only property ValidJunctions Returns the valid junctions.
Read-only property ValidLines Returns the valid lines.
Read-only property ValidSubnetworkControllers Returns the valid devices for subnetwork controller.

ITier2.ManageSubnetwork Property

Returns the manage subnetwork property set.

Public ReadOnly Property ManageSubnetwork As IPropertySet
public IPropertySet ManageSubnetwork {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITier Provides access to members that specify the properties of a network tier.

Classes that implement ITier2

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