Techniques and best practices

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Data visualization can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes a style looks good at one scale, but is unsuccessful at other scales. You may find yourself asking questions like: which colors should I use? How should I classify my data? How can I best communicate my message to the audience?

In cartography, there often isn't a straightforward answer. The decision you make for one map may not be suitable for another. The topics below provide an overview to some guidelines that will help you make a successful map.

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Arcade-driven visualizations

Learn how to create visualizations based on values returned from Arcade expressions.

Scale-aware visualizations

Learn how account for view scale when creating a renderer for a layer.

Choosing a color ramp

Learn how to select a color ramp most appropriate for your map.

Class breaks vs. continuous color

Learn when you should use a continuous color ramp versus a class breaks visualization when visualizing numeric data with color.

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